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Nisam uspjela pronaci topic o ovoj pasmini, pa da ju malo predstavimo. Meni su ovi psi osobno jako lijepi i zanimljivi:

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HEIGHT: 25-28 inches

COAT: 2-4 inches, coarse, dense and bristly but close lying

COLOR: Black or salt/pepper

OTHER NAMES: Chornyi, Terrier Noir Russe


GROUP: Terrier

In the 1960s, Soviet dog fanciers wished to create their own breed of large working terrier. Using mainly Giant Schnauzers crossed with Airedales, Rottweilers and other breeds, they fashioned a big, agile, tough and weather-resistant dog. It is interesting to note that in times past, the Giant Schnauzer was often called the Russian Bear Schnauzer, indicating the breed's widespread use in the USSR.

Type was fixed in a relatively short time and the Black Russian became widely known in its homeland. FCI has recently granted recognition to this newcomer. This international sanctioning denotes an established written standard and a stability and consistency of breed characteristics.

Many Black Russians are trained and used for professional guard work. They are large enough to be "manstoppers," with adequate coat to protect them from the Russian winters. But the majority of the breed are family pets. They are commonly seen in the larger urban areas, like Moscow and Leningrad, where they serve as companions and watchdogs. Although reliable with their masters, they are suspicious and have an active defense reaction. They are capable of being quite ferocious.

In appearance, they somewhat resemble an uncropped Giant, with a bit more bone and thickness of body as well as a wave to the coat, both gifts of their Airedale inheritance. Very few of the breed are found outside of its native land due to the fact the the Soviets have banned its export.

Black Russian Terrier

GENERAL IMPRESSION:  Large, powerful, stable and alert. HEAD The head should be powerfully built with a broad skull and very blocky. A snipey head is not in character with this dog. The stop should be well-defined but not pronounced. The lips are full, rounded1 and black at the ridges. The nose is large, and fully pigmented, black in color. The mouth is very meaty1 not to be so is a major fault. The jaws are large and powerful. The mustache and beard add to the squaring off of the muzzle. Absence of the molars is disqualifying.: The bite should be scissors or level; scissors bite is preferred. The head of the Black Russian Terrier should be classic in appearance and is extremely important to the overall impression.

EYES:  The eyes are medium sized and set apart. Rims should be black and almond shaped with sag or looseness of haw. Eye color should be dark.

EARS:  The ears are triangular in shape with a rounded apex and pendular. Cropped ears are not acceptable. The length of the ear should reach the outside comer of the eyelids. The ears are set rather high.

NECK:  The neck should be thick, muscular and powerful. Length is not excessive and is set into laid back shoulders. There should not be pendulous or excessive dewlap.

FOREQUARTERS:  The forelegs should be set straight and well-boned. Shoulders should be large and muscular, well developed with blades broad and sloping. Elbows should be neither in nor out. The legs should be covered with 2 to 4 inches of coarse hair. The feet are very large, fully covered with hair and with large, black pads.

BODY:  The body is well proportioned with the trunk outline lying within a rectangle. Length of the body should be in direct proportion to the height at the withers. Topline should be level but not appearing flat or straight.

HINDQUARTERS:  The hindquarters are well-boned and muscular with a high degree of angulation. The hocks are large and developed for the spring and drive. The legs and feet are well covered. The appearance is full. The legs should be parallel to each other.

FEET:  The feet are very large with pads thick, tough, and black, nails large and dark in color. They are bearlike in appearance.

GAIT:  The gait is strong, powerful, fluid, and well coordinated. Light on their feet, the legs should converge toward the center with increased speed. The topline should appear level when gaiting and the tail should be elevated into an upright position. The rear assembly should be a driving force with the hocks doing their share of the work.

TAIL:  The tail is cropped and set high. In profile, the tail should stand upright when gaiting and in conformation stance. An uncropped tail is not acceptable.

COAT:  Coat should be black or salt and pepper. White or brown markings are disqualifying. A small amount of grey or white on the chest is acceptable as long as the area is the size of a quarter. The appearance of individual grey hairs within the coat is expected. The coat may appear full or hand stripped The texture of the coat should be somewhat coarse, the extent depending on whether it is full or hand stripped. The beard and muzzle should never be touched.

HEIGHT:  Bitches from 25 inches at maturity and males from 27 inches at maturity. The height limitations should be 30 inches. Minimums do not apply to immature dogs. Males must be distinctively larger than females.

WEIGHT:  The weight of the mature Black Russian Terrier will vary between dogs and bitches. However, the range at maturity is from 80 to 120 pounds.

FAULTS:  Disqualifying faults are missing molars, lack of meatiness in mouth, color markings of brown or white, cropped ears or uncropped tails. Over grooming is to be severely faulted. The degree to which a dog is penalized depends on the extent to which the dog deviates from the standard and the extent to which the particular fault would actually affect the working ability of the dog.


Blue Angel:
VAUUUUU! Izgleda ko OGROMNI Schnauzer!!!!

 :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Kada nisu osisani onda se vidi razlika od snaucera, ali kada ih se uredi i osisa, i ako se radi o mladom ruskom terijeru, tada ih je jako tesko razlikovati ako se prije niste susretali s ovom pasminom. U Splitu znam jednog muzjaka i jednu zenkicu od 4 mj. jako su privrzeni gospodaru i ne moze se bilo tko sa strane s njima igrati cak i dok su jos stenad. Nece pokazivati agresiju ali ih igra s nekim drugim osim gazde ne zanima. Priznaju samo gazdu. Nisam primjetila da su nesto posebno agresivni prema psima, ali se jako zastitnicki ponasaju prema gospodaru, nagonski bez ciljane dresure..... tocno se napravilo psa karakterno onakvog kao sto se htjelo - bodyguarda.

Mislim da bi trebalo uslikati i pokazati Arija koji je još štene,a veæ ogroman.Možda kad bode ring dresura :?:


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